Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco



This incubator is a nice, compact plastic incubator. Holding about 20 chicken eggs, it is a relatively easy to use device.

First, this guy comes with very few features (there is an advanced version with more). Basically, it comes preset for chicken eggs, so it is really a plug-and-play machine. You can adjust it slightly, however the range is not enough to work with reptile eggs.

What really excites me about this incubator is the shape. Where most egg incubators have turning trays that are additional, this one makes manual turning a snap. With the octagon shape, you can rock the entire incubator back and forth to simulate the mother hen moving the eggs. While many features are lacking, this little bit of intrigue and cleverness of design makes me give it an extra point for creativity in function. It can be combined with an automatic turning cradle that will agitate the eggs for you.

This is a great starter incubator, but if you are looking for more control over your hatch, then you may want to go ahead and spring for the Advance with the digital controls. However, if you want an incubator that you can just plug in and start incubating without a lot of fuss, then the Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco will work wonderfully for you.